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Featured Titles

Apple (exclusively for iBooks)

Two acclaimed photographers examine Harlem's paradox of place: the tension between the everyday reality of its streets—often contentious, always complex—and the cultural brand it has established in our collective imagination. 

"Their process, at once deliberate and spontaneous, reveals the same intensity of scrutiny to the Urban Landscape that Ansel Adams gave to the Rockies."

Wall Street International 

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The first novel to appear in English from contemporary Polish science fiction master Marek S. Huberath, with echoes of Borges and Lem. 

"His realistic treatment of suffering...reminds me of the works of Aleksandr Solszhenitsyn."

—Michael Kandel, translator

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After the partition of India and the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Ustad Ramzi is still famed as a wrestler of unparalleled strength and technique. But now Ramzi’s power—if not his indomitable will—is on the wane, while his reckless brother Tamami is hungry for fame and glory.

"This is a quietly affecting book, with a profound understanding of tragedy."

The Sunday Guardian

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The controversial travelogue of a leading Persian intellectual's visit to Israel in 1963. Required reading for anyone interested in Israel, Iran, and their ongoing conflict.

“One of Iran’s leading writers and social critics.”

—The New York Times