Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World

Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World, by Jorge Zepeda Patterson - 9781632061256.jpg
Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World, by Jorge Zepeda Patterson - 9781632061256.jpg

Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World


By Jorge Zepeda Patterson

Translated from the Spanish by Adrian Nathan West

Winner of the prestigious Premio Planeta, Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World is a pulse-pounding international political thriller about sex, power, and information—and the extreme lengths people go to get them.

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Paperback List Price: $18.99 • ISBN: 9781632061256 • Pub: 5/2/17 • 5.5” x 8.25” • 448 pages • Fiction: Political Thriller / Sex Trafficking / Mexico • Territory: World English • eBook List Price: $14.99

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About the Book

After Milena’s lover and protector Rosendo Franco dies in her arms, she must go on the run from the human-trafficking ring that once kidnapped her from her Croatian village and forced her into prostitution. Soon, three old friends from Mexico City are after her as well—but for different reasons. Newspaper columnist Tomás Arizmendi seeks to retrieve Milena’s little black book that could bring down the media empire he inherited from Franco, while dubious intelligence expert Jaime Lemus wants to use the sensitive information it contains about the crimes of the world’s power elite to further his political puppeteering. The noblest of the trio, politician Amelia Navarro simply wants to carry out her mission to protect women and children from the abuses of men in power.

Told with a sly humor and journalistic detail, Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World traces in its romp across Europe and the Americas the vast networks of capital, information, and crime that bind together today’s globalized world. In the beautiful and mysterious Milena we encounter an unforgettable woman who reminds us that the survivors of modernity’s ills are not mere statistics but living, breathing, tenacious individuals.



“An effective prose style… A proven vision as complex as that of a Le Carré novel.… [Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World] is an elaborate report on a world in which corruption is intrinsic to power and assigned to the sinister millionaire classes.”

—El País

“Where investigative journalism cannot go, the infinite horizon of literature opens up and we can examine the underbelly of a globalized scourge: sexual slavery.… The author’s inventiveness makes the Latin American thriller take flight.”

La Nación

"This outstanding political thriller rests upon the author’s knowledge—and he has a lot of it. The story is gripping.”

La Vanguardia


“A story that seems a continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series.”

El Tiempo de Bogotá


“Zepeda has done serious research and relies on real data, but this information hardly taints the text. The author seeks to engage the entire public… and move every reader.”

El Mundo


“The author has managed to capture an extremely complex world in an appealing way, with a chorus of voices and a multifaceted plot.”

El Periódico de Cataluña


About the Author

Economist and sociologist Jorge Zepeda Patterson was born in Mazatlán, México, in 1952. He received a masters degree from the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales and a doctorate in political science from The Sorbonne. After his journalistic training at El País, he was the founding editor of the newspapers Siglo 21 and Público in Guadalajara, and was later editor-in-chief of El Universal. He has authored numerous books on political analysis, and his weekly column appears in over twenty newspapers in Mexico. He currently edits the news website


About the Translator

Adrian Nathan West is the author of the novel The Aesthetics of Degradation and translator of numerous works of contemporary European literature. He lives between Spain and the United States with the cinema critic Beatriz Leal Riesco.


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